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Once we listen to the client’s business goal and understand who they’re selling to and what they’re selling, we start by converting their words to crystal clear words for efficiency. Design is not just for the visual part. We pick the potential target markets by doing a market research. Design positioning and brand promise comes next. After focusing on developing a marketing strategy to make our client stand out in customer’s minds, we’re now ready to create a brand concept.



We DO care about creating a meaningful and timeless brand. Brand name should reflect brand promise and brand identity. We narrow our idea down to a realistic concept to fit on the sales message, copyrighting, or new products. Then we make lists of potential names. On our meeting session, we evaluate the created list and discuss together. We could create a brand personality after the naming is done.   



Logo could be found on business cards, envelopes… and even on letterhead. First impression is import and you wouldn’t want to miss that. With the clarified brand identity, the most significant essence to build a brand image and the foundation of effective marketing strategy, it is time to design a brand logo. Just like our last step, we create a list of logos to be discussed on meeting session.



When the logo is ready, we prepare the colour palette for the layouts and other visual elements. Our graphic design service includes business cards, website, quote templates, envelopes and the list goes on.


This instruction might give you an idea on how we tailor a brand’s identity by taking an example of our brand, Digital Dynamo.

From creating a logo to choosing the right color palette/scheme, we keep asking questions to ourselves to keep the logo simple yet timeless by creating personas; who is your audience? How do you reflect a brand story? How do you visualize it?

Our goal is to design our client’s brand to show its value and personality so the audience could immediately grasp the idea on what the brand is just by looking at the product or reading its message.


This is an example of how our logotype was made. To start with, we use a logo grid system(construction guide). Not only it helps to place the characters between the same whitespace but also for the geometric harmony.

Construction Guide


Minimum Size

There should be a specified logo minimum size requirement to make sure its clarity and eligibility.
It is to make it readable in any media to not get it reproduced any smaller than its minimum size.

Logo Usage

Colors should not be switched arbitrarily. It needs to be chosen from the brand color scheme. Stretching or distorting the logo is also restricted.

Colour Palettes

The Digital Dynamo's primary color is purple to symbolize the brand's royalty, creativity, power and luxury. A vibrant secondary color, pink, would be used to complement the primary color. The following color palettes below show which colors should be used for the print or media.

Main colour palette

This primary color palette would be used for logos. Each color could be paired to use as a logo and background. Refer to logo usage for better understandings.

Secondary colour palette

Only use pink shades below as the contrast values for purple for the purposes of illustrations, graphs, infographics, or product components.

Color weight





The layout below would be used on letterheads that apply. When divide a width of a letter size paper by 12 sections of equal length, the top, left, right margins would be 1 section each. The bottom 1 section would be used for the company contact information. The logo takes up 3 sections and would be placed in the top left corner. The site name would be placed sideways on the top right corner with the width of 1/2 section.


Refer to the branding application example below to see how it applies to promotional items, envelopes, and business cards and what Digital Dynamo could offer.

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